Ballbusting Wallbird (ft Kirby Pufocia)

from by Stemage



Props to Kirby, as he is the foundation for the majority of this arrangement. The original Silly Race theme is the same sequence over and over - just faster and faster. That's boring. We decided to do the same thing, but just change the time, style, and intensity on each go. It's a prog medley of sorts. It also sounds a hell of a lot like Kirby. Here's a note from the guy:

"how it worked is i kept sending stuff to grant and he kept messing with it and sending it back and i'm like, i don't remember playing this, so i would throw something weirder back at him and it basically turned into a competition to see who could arrange the most convoluted possible series of rhythms"

Nailed it.


from Where Good Marbles Go to Die (Marble Madness), released June 2, 2012



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Stemage Santa Cruz, California

Catchy, high-energy space rock mixed with metal, pop, and prog - beamed directly from the addled mind of Grant Henry.

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